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 Welcome to "No Contact"-forum

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PostSubject: Welcome to "No Contact"-forum   Fri Mar 27, 2009 7:11 pm

Welcome to the new Forum

We have created this forum, with the goal to get more views, and get our fans/players to known. The forum is still under construction, and we will get a new vBulletin soon. Sorry for the freedomain, but we was thinking, that since i got no money at the moment, then we would just do it, with a free domain, and as soon as i have enough money (when i have payd all my bills and s¤#%) then we will make a "" domain. We will also soon put a blog up, acctualy, its alleredy up, but we still need to fix it!

That was all for now, hope you like the forum, even if its still under construction! We will update it with new icons, and that kind of things, but i hope you like it, because we like it!


Patrick - Founder & Team Leader

Patrick Adminstrator (No Contact Founder & Team Leader)
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Welcome to "No Contact"-forum
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