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 The Rules - You better follow 'em

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PostSubject: The Rules - You better follow 'em   Fri Mar 27, 2009 7:00 pm

Follow theese rules, or you may get banned, theese rules are for the Help Forum

* Don't post useless Spam and don't Flame other.
* Respect the admins and moderators, and do what they tell you to do.
* Don't create useless spamthreads like "Do you like the wheater today?".
* Stay on the topic, or go to the offtopic Board.
* No Porno on the whole Forum, damn rules.
* Only ask if your stuck in the game, can't find the something, or got some problems that is about the mod/site
* There may be more rules, that isen't wrote down, so if the Adminstrator or Moderator tell you not to do it, then don't!

if your not following theese rules, then it can result in ban

Patrick Adminstrator (No Contact Founder & Team Leader)
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The Rules - You better follow 'em
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